What is the Optimistic Governor?

The Optimistic Governor contract is used to govern a Gnosis Safe based on a set of rules defined off-chain. These rules are enforced using UMA's Optimistic Oracle and the ZODIAC identifier allowing for a new era of flexible "optimistic governance".

Management of DAO treasuries and other multi-signature wallets no longer need to be limited to X-of-Y signing schemes or tokenholder votes. Instead, a DAO can publish rules in plain English with sufficient detail for a neutral third-party observer to determine whether transactions submitted to a Gnosis Safe follow the rules or not.

The Optimistic Governor then allows any address to propose transactions that follow the predetermined set of rules. These transactions then go through a challenge period where any address can dispute the transaction.

If a transaction is not disputed, it can then be executed. However, if any address believes the proposed transaction does not follow the rules, the transaction can be disputed. A dispute is resolved by neutral human voters brought in to vote on the outcome based on the predetermined set of rules.

The Optimistic Governor has been audited by OpenZeppelin and the audit report can be viewed here.

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